Government schemes for MSMEs

The Government is responding very fast to the product requirements in the country like personal protective equipment for medical staff which needed to be sourced from within India in the lockdown. MSMEs should keep a look out for schemes, subsidies and grants provided by the government for various products.

Task Points to ponder Comments / Next Steps
  • Are you an MSME manufacturing medical items and auxiliary items?
  • Government Technology Centres are undertaking practical demonstrations on sanitizer manufacturing, sharing details of Mask, PPE manufacturing, formulations, Product Suppliers, Quality Standards, Testing labs etc.
  • Faster Approvals: May require relaxed terms & conditions especially for the items which fall under medical/auxiliary categories
  • Government Emphasis on quick Industrial Infrastructure Development
  • Take advantage of the government support to grow this line of business
  • Government supporting Mass Production CFCs for mass production of such products/ intermediaries by MSMEs
  • Government giving priority in manufacturing of COVID Related Items such as masks, gloves, PPE, ventilators, Testing Equipment, Infrared Thermometers, etc
  • Are you aware of the initiatives of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission?
  • Release of INR 1,000 per month to each registered artisan from the Artisan Welfare Fund Trust
  • Khadi institutions directed to release AWF contribution to the bank accounts of artisans in three instalments
  • Release of funds under Market Development Assistance (MDA) to Khadi Institutions and Artisans through DBT
    Look out for government grant/ subsidy
  • Are you aware about the initiatives undertaken by National Small Industries Corporation Ltd NSIC?
  • MSMEs availing Product Assistance against Bank Guarantee prior to 01/03/2020 allowed moratorium of 03 months for repayment of outstanding dues
  • Accounts of MSMEs to be frozen to avoid outstanding in the books in cases where outstanding is going to touch 99.99% of BG value.
  • SPRS enlistment certificates expiring between 01/03/2020 to 30/06/2020 to be continued.
  • 50% discount offer on Annual membership in MSME Mart extended.
  • Godowns of essential commodities like Polymers in Field Offices allowed to carry out operations
  • Look out for government grant/ subsidy