Social distancing at workplace, remote working and taking care of employees

The MSMEs need to take care of the rearrangement and sanitization of their office spaces once they unlock their business. They need to ensure that the staff have a minimum 6 feet physical distance between them, have staggered office and meal timings, are allowed remote working where possible, provided sanitizers and their workplace is kept clean.

Task Points to ponder Comments / Next Steps
  • Have you thought about physical distancing of minimum 6 feet of your employees at workplace? Have you provided them with sanitizers, soap and PPE where required?
  • Do you get the office premises sanitized?
  • Do you ensure the use of masks, sanitizing and social distancing?
  • Do you provide your employees with PPE where needed?
  • Have you rearranged the office furniture so that a distance of 6 feet is maintained between employees at workplace?
  • Have you thought through staggered working hours and staggered meal timings?
  • Important to take good care of your people
  • Are you allowing work from home to those who have the infrastructure to do so?
  • Have you provided laptops and other IT equipment to your employees?
  • Do your systems and processes need to change?
  • Do you allow flexibility?
  • Do your sick leave and vacation policy need to change?
  • Have you considered paying ‘sick leave’ to your employees instead of showing the payments as salary?
  • Have you considered giving leave to employees without pay?
  • Important to take good care of your people
  • Do you boost the morale of your staff?
  • Involve staff by asking for ideas on how the business can succeed
  • Express faith in staff
  • Keep in touch through virtual
  • meetings and keep the morale up
  • Be transparent about the state of affairs
  • Important to take good care of your people