With the objective of Capacity Building of MSMEs & Start-up, the Institute is responsive to the emerging challenges of MSMEs & Start-ups and constitutes the Committee on MSME & Start-ups for effectively meeting newer challenges with the following terms of reference:

  • To address the issues & challenges faced by MSMEs & Start-ups, review the impediments and to suggest measures/changes in this regard for strengthening and developing the capacity of MSMEs & Start-ups enhancing their competence and improving their visibility amongst the business community and to develop & Provide the Capacity Building Measures for the enhancement of the Portfolio of the MSMEs & Start-ups.
  • To promote the MSMEs & Start-ups by way of encouraging collaboration amongst the professionals/experts in the relevant fields and establishing the Bridge among the appropriate authority & MSMEs/Start-ups by means of various endeavors in Capacity Building & other Measures for them.
  • To conduct/arrange the Workshops/Summits/Conferences/Seminars/ Brainstorming Sessions/Interactive Sessions/ MDPs/EDPs/FDPs/Training programme/Train the Trainer/ Residential Refresher Courses/ Orientation programme/Residential Programme/Mentoring Programme/Virtual CFO/ Award Function with respect to MSMEs & Start-ups/ Virtual CPE Programmes/Capacity Building Programme/ Interactive programme/Brainstroming Programme/ Other Programmes /Helpdesk/MSME Exchange/ Courses/ Refresher Courses/ Certificate Courses/Post Qualification Courses to  adopt, execute and implement such measures using tools of learning, physical and virtual, as may provide opportunity to the Members /other than Members by the Committee & arrangement for Survey/ Research Programme/ post qualification Academic Programme/ Knowledgebase programme/other programme in collaboration with Universities/Eminent Institutes / government Agencies/Non-Government  Agencies/Any other Agencies/any other entities in India/Abroad by the Committee and develop ways & means to enhance the knowledge base of Members/ other than Members to enable them to manage the MSMEs & Start-ups.

  • To develop or provide IT enabled services for Members/other than Members to create or provide knowledge contents/ portals/ other contents in various forms for facilitating requirements of MSMEs & Start-ups and to release Publications/ Material/Reference Material or Knowledge matter or Electronic matter or E-learning or Tools or Booklets, Pamphlets, Brochures, Monograms, Digital mobile app, Social media tools on the various issues of MSMEs & Start-ups and to facilitate and improve skills in all field of finance, Accounts, Tax and Audit and other contemporary subject of professional interest of MSMEs & Start-ups and to take all steps and actions required for creating the IT platform for MSMEs & Start-ups for developing a technical forum for enabling them to provide effective and value-added services.

  • Facilitating Beneficial Products and/or Services for Skill Development, Knowledge Management, Personal/Professional Security/Benefits etc. and such other products/services for professional growth & development of MSMEs & Start-ups.

  • To prescribe/recommend the Guidelines/ Consultative Paper/Working papers & any other papers/documents/matters with respect to MSMEs & Start-ups & to undertake or assist research/ surveys/any other tools in terms adoption of the findings so as to help government/MSMEs & Start-ups/other entities to meet the expectation of the stakeholders.

  • To Interact/Network with MSME/Other Ministries/ National/International entities & MSMEs/Start-ups and organize the programme with them for MSMEs & Start-ups to enable them to carve out opportunities available for them.

  • To Assist in Establishing Incubation Centers, Start-ups, MSMEs or any other set up pertaining to the MSME & Start-ups and to explore and develop new avenues of the Members/other than Members in MSMEs & Start-ups.

  • To develop ways & means for Empowerment of MSMEs & Start-ups through various focused endeavours undertaken by the Committee for them from time to time.

  • To carry out such other matters relating to MSMEs & Start-ups.


Committee on MSME and Startup

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
ICAI Bhawan, Indraprastha Marg 110002. India

+011 3011 0569



Secretary to the Committee: CA. Shanu Goel

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