Webinars and CPE-Meetings

Live Webcast on Central and State Govt. MSME Subsidies , GEM and TREDS 27th April, 2021 Watch
Live Webcast on SME Exchange28th April, 2021 Watch
Live Webcast on Challenges & Solutions for MSMEs in the present Times and the new emerging Role & Opportunities
for Chartered Accountants in building Self-Reliant India
25th May, 2021 Watch
Virtual CPE Meeting (VCM) on “Cold storage Subsidy from National Horticulture Board and production link incentives
focus on food processing, white goods, pharmaceuticals ”
28th May, 2021Watch
Live Webcast on MSME Funding30th May, 2021Watch
Virtual CPE Meeting (VCM) on “Recent developments and Responsibilities of Auditors under MSMED Act: & MSME Samadhan”31st May, 2021Watch